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Good Shepherd

Good shepherd

Good shepherd

seek me out

lift me from gutters 

and alleys 

and hours of despair

call me out from drunken, 

unsmiling foolishness

rescue me 

from the dark machinery 

of this world 

from the program of evil 

that lurks 

like a dank mist 


blow it gently away 

on warm, yellow breaths

walk into the middle 

of my sadness and dejection 

place your warm 

kiss onto my lips 

look with your gently 

piercing eyes 

into the bottom of my heart 

find the place 

that wants you desperately 

and whisper 

‘i have come’


tear away the filthy rags 

I covered myself 

with in my shame 

and confusion 

fling your soft purple 

across my shoulders 

room for two inside, 

and there find all of me 


awaiting you.

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