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Litany of Love



I love you because…


I tried my way and it led me to utter brokenness 

You loved me first and it conquered my heart 

Your presence is sweet, cold water, and i’m dying of thirst

You never gave up on me

You never stopped loving me 

You were the only one there in my darkest moments, even when i didn’t know it was you 

When I look back on my life I can see the fiery path of love you burned right down the middle of it

You’ve seen every side of me, all of my brokenness, but when I look in your eyes I see no condemnation, only fierce love. 

You are truly humble, and it melts my pride 

You are truly wise, and it exposes my foolishness 

You are truly kind, and it shatters all my walls 

You wait patiently for me to turn to you 

I deserve your wrath, but you offer me instead your most intimate friendship 

You will never lie to me 

You gave up literally everything for me 

You are what I’ve been waiting for 

You satisfy my heart 

Your words illuminate my whole life with meaning

You met me right where I was 

You answer all my questions

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